Desperate Mercenaries Late

Monday’s Desperate Mercs episode will be delayed. We from the show apologize for this and we will punish the real enemies who caused this. To those foes, we can only say one thing, “Who are you, because we need to know because … reasons”.

Look forward to the episode Tuesday!

Gaming Done Right – Episode 24: Noob! It is your Destiny!

GamingRightAvatarGaming Done Right, a bi-weekly podcast where we talk all things games hosted by Brian, Mike and Dan.

This week, we missed Mike, but we added Eric.  The guys discuss the next few upcoming episodes and apologizing for the delay in posting.  Then we delve into a good story about

The next segment is all about Destiny, the new game from Bungie that entered an open Beta earlier in July.  It is a video game that basically crosses an MMORPG with an FPS.  The guys basically geek out about it and tell gamer stores.

Next up, Dan and Brian put Eric to good use.  Since Eric is a new role players, the guys grill him about his experiences and how he approaches RPGs.  Eric holds his own as we pepper him with questions.

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The International 2014 – A Way to Learn Dota 2 From a Distance

A tournament has started in Seattle that runs from July 8 and finishes on the 21st with the winning team walking away with $4.9million. Articles could be written on patch changes, comparing the Chinese vs US vs Korean vs Euro metagame, or the economics of the game but rather than all of those topics let’s talk about how this is the best time learn about Dota 2 without playing! Continue reading