The International 2014 – A Way to Learn Dota 2 From a Distance

A tournament has started in Seattle that runs from July 8 and finishes on the 21st with the winning team walking away with $4.9million. Articles could be written on patch changes, comparing the Chinese vs US vs Korean vs Euro metagame, or the economics of the game but rather than all of those topics let’s talk about how this is the best time learn about Dota 2 without playing! Continue reading

Gaming Done Right – Episode 23: Fluffy Games

GamingRightAvatarGaming Done Right, a bi-weekly podcast where we talk all things games hosted by Brian, Mike and Dan.

The guys open the show recapping some new Lego stories.  Brian’s oldest just had a birthday and got an X-Wing.  Mike also got the new GhostBusters set.  There is some more in there as well.  The link that is referenced is:

The next segment is all about the size and scope of RPG games.  The guys discuss how they want to structure one of their games in terms of scale and length.

Next up, Dan, our game designer extraordinaire discusses a recent project of his.  He developed a game for Brian’s oldest’s birthday.  We talk about some of the decisions that went into the game on the back end, before the first time it was played.  Now that we have played it, there are some changes to the stats in order to make it more balanced. But alas, that’s what you get for not playtesting the game.  That said, it is fun on a bun for Brian’s 8 year old.

The guys close the show with a discussion of fluff vs. mechanics.  Essentially we explore how much the fluff of a game show influence the rules.  Not sure where we ended up, but the topic was fun to toss around.

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