Desperate Mercs – Episodes 13: Models that we can’t get to work

Hosts: Neverborn Matt, Josh P, and Nick

80′s movie discussion somehow makes it into this episode. We try to stay on topic with Gencon discussions, models we can’t seem to get working right, but we still have to keep talking about things like alien, tile-based healing.

0:04:00 – Gencon predictions that are immediately proven wrong!
0:13:00 – Models that could be there (still wrong! except for Zoraida and Von Schill) and talk of Wyrd’s grubby little hands
0:46:00 – This is how you go from talking about Avatars to Predator.
1:00:00 – Josh P talks about the models he’s seen work well, but cannot get playing them down pat.
1:10:00 – Nick’s picks.
1:23:00 – Matt’s picks.

Gaming Done Right – Episode 25: Cartoon Fantasies

GamingRightAvatarGaming Done Right, a bi-weekly podcast where we talk all things games hosted by Brian, Mike and Dan.

This week, Dan and Mike are jazzed up for GenCon coming up in a few days.  Those two talk about what they are looking forward to, while Brian listens and dreams of vacation.

Next, the boys talk Relic Knights.  Mostly Dan talks about the game while Mike and Brian ask questions.

The second and last segment for this podcast is the Top 10 Fantasy Novels.  The guys spend quite a lot of time waxing philosophic about these novels.  Really they should have done a Top 5, but once the guys got into it, they really couldn’t break half way.

Just a note, due to scheduling and vacations, we are going to miss our next post.

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Desperate Mercenaries Late

Monday’s Desperate Mercs episode will be delayed. We from the show apologize for this and we will punish the real enemies who caused this. To those foes, we can only say one thing, “Who are you, because we need to know because … reasons”.

Look forward to the episode Tuesday!