Gaming Done Right – Episode 29: Video Games

GamingRightAvatarGaming Done Right, a bi-weekly podcast where we talk all things games hosted by Brian, Mike and Dan.

Sorry about the delay, but we finally got it up.  That said, the audio is not perfect.  We did end up finding the root cause (we think).

We open the show with a brief discussion of one of the game we play when we are waiting for everyone to come over.  Bang, The Dice Game, is a quick easy mindless game.

Second the gang discusses their new forays into Malifaux.  This focuses mostly on how some of the Wave 2 masters have functioned.

From there, the boys relive the halcyon days of their youth and discuss the Top 10 Video Games of all time, according to each of them.  Which of course means that two of the guys are wrong.

After the outro, we threw in a bonus segment for our listeners.  Frankly it is a train wreck.  We were trying to make sure the mics worked properly and we needed to record something.  As a result, we dissected Mike’s love for human suffering.

Hope you enjoy!

Lastly, check out BryceCon at  MLK weekend in Jan 2015!

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Desperate Mercs 17 – Why We Choose Crews

Hiring is sometimes difficult in Malifaux, but there are ways to protect yourself from being denied victory points while still be malleable to the situations that might come up during the game.

While choosing schemes is technically done after you know the full crew makeup of your opponent, you can usually pick your models against your opponent’s faction correctly by assuming:

a) which leaders/models from the faction that you are facing that are good at completing the strat/scheme pool (in which case, how do you deny or make it difficult for the opponent?)
b) which leaders/models from the faction are great at disrupting you from completing your strat/scheme pool (in which case, is there some model to prevent the issue?)
c) if a combination of a. and b., should you consider selecting a crew that might possibly be fighting against your worst matchup?

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Gaming Done Right – Episode 29…Delayed

GamingRightAvatarSo, it looks like this episode that was supposed to include a review of a role playing / board game /  story game called Fiasco.  Turns out, this episode has turned into a fiasco.

The cable going from the mixer to the computer is failing and causing a lot of static.  So much so that the episode we recorded is completely unable to be listened to.