Desperate Mercs – Episode 5 – League Play with New Players and More

Nick, Josh, and Matt all talk about how league player at Dream Wizards is working out with new players.

Also in the show, talk about the Euro vs US scene, packing minis for air travel, lots of information about Ramos, general tips about Neverborn and Ten Thunders, and a quick review of some matches in the league.

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Somer v Hoffman 4.15.14

I finally had the chance to really mess around with some video, and this is the result. As you’d expect, as soon as I was actually filming I had a bunch of ideas of what I could improve… so there’s that. But anyway, I’ve been saying ‘video content’ for so long now, it’s time to stop waiting for the perfect video and just deliver something!

Be forewarned, the actual length is not edited, meaning you have our random conversation (which includes some cursing) and, you know, over an hour long game to sit through.


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Gaming Done Right – Episode 17: Rockin’ Out with Our Adepticon Out


Gaming Done Right, a bi-weekly podcast where we talk all things games hosted by Brian, Mike and Dan.

The show opens with the guys discussing their gaming budgets and how they keep them in control.  Really this comes down to keeping our wives happy.

We then move into discussing the X-Wing Miniatures game and contrasting it a bit with Star Trek Attack Wing.

From there, the guys catch up with Sean from Adpeticon to do some post-Adepticon wrap up.  Sean wanted to send a few shout outs to a couple of people who helped him setup and manage Adepticon.  His thanks go to:

The gang wraps up the show talking about the Modern Supernatual genre and how we might run a game in that setting.

If you have any questions, we have a new email set up, feel free to hit us up:

As always, thanks for listening!

  • Gaming Budget – 0:58
  • X-Wing Miniatures Game – 6:22
  • Adepticon Recap – 19:11
  • Modern Supernatural RPGs – 50:24
  • Outro – 1:11:00

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Music courtesy of : Sense the Wind (Lee Rosevere) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0



All of us have been on one side of the table or the other when someone is taking a long time to make an action. Maybe you’re the slow one. Maybe it’s your opponent. But we’ve all experienced the frustration of wanting to just yell (or having yelled at us) “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

It’s frustrating to wait, and it’s frustrating to not be able to make a decision. Malifaux is a game of actions… so it should include some action. And the crux of all action is the ability to make a decision. Today’s Fridaux is an attempt to help people make a decision.

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The wheel in the sky keeps on turning


Hey folks. A bit of a news update.

First, A Crit of Gamers is no longer aiming for a biweekly schedule. I’ve decided to give the spot to Desperate Mercs (as you may have noticed the last few weeks). I’ll still record podcasts from time to time, but until I figure out exactly what I want to say it’s a waste of both of our times.

Second, I finally found a few things I was looking for in order to do easier video batreps (there are only two reasons you guys don’t see more: 1) unpainted models and 2) the difficulty of production). I’m hoping to get a recording done on Tuesday for upload. Our last upload was a Patreon-only battle report, and I’m hoping to improve on that. Either way, this one would be a public batrep.

I think that’s it. If there’s anything you’d really like to read about, let me know and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Have a good one.